Hide Viewport Ops

Nikita Akimov
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What is this for

Blender 3D add-on for quickly hiding and unhiding objects in the viewport for all scenes in the file at once.

Add-on functionality

When we hide objects in the viewport by pressing the “H” key, as usual, objects became hidden only for the current scene. For all other scenes in the blend-file, they remain visible.

The add-on appends two new shortcuts to the KeyMap:

1. When pressing the “Y” key, all selected objects became hidden in the viewport for all scenes at once.

2. Pressing the “alt + Y” keys returns the visibility in the viewport for all objects hidden for all scenes back.

Demonstration video


Add-on web page

For more information please visit https://b3d.interplanety.org/en/blender-add-on-hide-viewport-ops/

I would love to hear your feedback and issues to make the add-on better.


  • Download *.zip archive with the add-on distributive
  • In Blender: The "Preferences" window — Add-ons — Install... — specify downloaded archive

Location and call

The “3D Viewport” window

Current add-on version


For Blender versions

2.93, 3.0

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Hide Viewport Ops

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